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Introduction to Windows

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Course Description:
This course covers concepts fundamental to the use of a personal computer operating in the Windows environment. This is an entry-level course requiring no previous computer knowledge. Participants will receive hands-on instruction in basic computer usage using Microsoft Windows XP, customized to the needs of your employees.

Participants will learn to:
  • Identify the hardware and software components of a personal computer and understand their functions.
  • Demonstrate the use of computer keyboards and it’s various keys.
  • Demonstrate through practical “hands-on” interaction, the use of a mouse by highlighting, pointing, clicking and dragging.
  • Demonstrate through practical “hands-on” interaction, the ability to use diskettes and the ability to manipulate a window.
  • Create a custom desktop, Create and delete shortcuts.
  • Work with help menus to understand the functions of a program.
  • Use Windows XP applications such as WordPad, NotePad and Paint.

Target Audience:
An individual that has little or no computer experience.

Course Details:
  • Course Type: Customized Corporate Training & Consulting
  • Length: Minimum of 4.00 hours
  • Format: Classroom and/or Computer Lab

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